Wednesday, January 16, 2013

RANCH CHIMP JOURNAL ... A Personal, Neighbourly, and Friendly WELCOME

Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around (half- step), and neither do I : )

This is just a lil ole personal, neighbourly, and friendly welcome to this journal/ blog, which never was formally done, nor much of anything in this journal is formal, or professional for that matter. The profile note's are explained as simple as you can get, the content is to the point ... and is meant to be as personal as I can get it, which is importante to me ... as if I am talking to you face to face, one on one, on the street, in a bar/ venue or whatever. Time and again locally, I have been told of various wayz to attract readership, link's, or whatever other support, or to promote this or that, etc, and that this is the way to go ... which was mentioned to me with good intention's, and I appreciate the suggestion's ... sincerly. However ... it misses the point in doing so, and get's too much away from the personality and intimacy of the blog, and frankly can contaminate the art of it to an extent if I were to do this ... and I certainly appreciate all the positive feedback I have gotten from those locally here on a face to face basis, that mean's alot to me, I also got negative feedback from some locally who will probably not read another thing in here, because of my stand on certain issues ... but also understand ... that's what this journal is meant to be ... "personally" for those who "choose" to read it, and to highlight those with qualities as well that are exceptional in some way, even to mention/ write and honour those who may never have a thing wrote about them, and those who have way too much wrote about them at the same time, who may not be as beneficial to us as we make them out to be, exposing some of the motive's, scam's and bullshit that we are spoonfed. And especially pointing out those individual's that I find, from the lowest class to the highest class that are strong, have leadership qualities, elite, and perform beyond the norm in some way, whether it's a store clerk in my neighbourhood, a person in Helena Montana, Brixton/ Lambeth (London, UK), Flatbush/ Brooklyn (NYC), or in Jefferson City Missouri, etc, etc. And all those in my life that have helped me when I needed it most and comforted me in time's of distress, some of who without their help ... and other's, I wouldnt even be alive to be honest.

The entire inspiration of this journal was from each and every individual that I met face to face, those I have had personal relationship's with, their lives, their opinion's, their hurt's and losses as well as their triumph's and victories to the fun time's. Anyone who know's me personally know's how social I am ... I know my neighbour's, the clerk's at the corner mom and pop store, the local postal carrier, that stranger on the train/ subway, the person at the local pub/ club or coffee breakfast hangout, the bus driver, the person at the intersection holding the sign, saying they're a Veteran, homeless, unemployed and need help, etc, etc. I post my current picture on here for the same reason that I post my actual name, a mailing address, and my home landline phone number on here, so that the reader doesnt have to guess who I am, or try to figure out some mystery ... so that a person doesnt have to do something that they may feel is impersonal, like email me if they choose, if they want to simply talk to me one on one on a personal level ... I am the same way on here, as if you were to just meet me on the street. I actually even hand write through US Mail/ Postal responses to people, and each and every one of those to do so with a personal one on one touch and contact in the flesh. I also want to add here that the opinion's in this journal are mine ONLY, unless otherwise "stated" by me, in other word's, not any of my familia member's, wife, kid's, grandkid's, etc.

So ... WELCOME!! ... this is for YOU  {: )


***** COMMENT'S NOTICE: I tried to avoid comment moderation to this journal, however, I like many other's in these circle's kept getting comment's from these anonymous fictional asshole's that just like to hide and pester folk's online leaving comment's, this little miserable piece of shit in particular here  (I deleted most of the comment's that this person left, because of the graphic content, but he is also a couple of the comment's left of other's with different "ID" supporting me here). Has multiple personalities, gender's, blog's, etc, (well educated though as far as schooling), insulting to everyone though, hack's into email's, blog's, stealing and creating identities using others photos, and manipulating website's, even coming on to guy's disguised as a female. But I wont tolerate this, nor am I one that chooses to hide when it come's to various serious issue's like I cover in this journal, and saying what is on my mind, and personally speaking, dislike such cowardly shit as well, and he better hope he never see's me face to face. So if/ when I get these little pestilent freak's doing this on this site, I will eradicate their comment's.


***** Dont let the top photo of this posting fool you into thinking that we have beautiful year round sunshine and warmth here in Dallas, where you can haul ass with the top on the car down, like I was doing that day in the photo ... below a drive on Sam Rayburn Tollway yesterday **** Another taste of Dallas winter

Thunder Snow- Slow Traffic--- Sam Rayburn tollway-- 01- 15- 2013 Dallas/... Thanx to GEORGEJOHNKOLLAMMAVUKUDIYIL

***** And a lil song here dedicated to those neighbour's as well from a UK class act ...
The Rolling Stones- Neighbours- Official Promo ... Thanx to THEROLLINGSTONES



Infidel753 said...

Cool self-intro post -- yes, a blog is the supreme example of a thing you should do your own way. Look how many blogs there are, and how different they all are.

Funny you've had snow in DFW. We still haven't had any in Portland, at least not that I've seen.

Ranch Chimp said...

As far as the "snow" thing Infidel ... I was suprised that ya'll havent even had snow yet in PDX ... because I know from watching weather channel, that Oregon and Washington had quite a bit of snow ... I reckon in high elevation's though, but I just naturally thought that PDX got hammered when some of these front's moved in, perhap's the PDX precipt just was wet instead, I know it does that too. You have been here in the winter, and you also went with me all the way into Mexico's northern border cities in February (I believe it was February) so you know first hand of the wide difference in Texas on climate at this time of the year (such as the other day, low 80's in Brownsville coast, and 20's and snow in town's like Amarillo in the north Texas panhandle), and with this global warming, it just intensifies those event's and season's. If you recall ... when we were down on South Padre Island that morning, it was moderately warm and a sub tropical type enviroment ... yet the next week up in Dallas before you went back to PDX it was bone chilling cold (well at least to me being in the low 20's) up here in Dallas. Just this last week in San Diego, CA ... it was so cold, people on the beach were wearing heavy coat's (believe me ... that is UNUSUAL as Hell for SD)... and oddly, while area's still in southern California, even the Los Angeles/ Long Beach/ San Bernardino area was experiencing way below temperature's and weather, while the northeast USA from DC to Philly to NYC was having above normal warmth. So much has been changing weatherwise I have noticed all over the country and other continent's too ... even Jerusalem was hammered with a big snow storm recently (a buddy lives in Hadid between there and Tel Aviv). This is about the 3rd we have gotten here since December I reckon.

Thanx for your input Infodel ....

Infidel753 said...

Yeah, I think it's the geography. Portland is in a deep valley with a mountain range to the west. The moist air off the ocean hits that and the mountains get snow, but we usually don't, except for some of the higher-elevation suburbs. I've seen no snow on the ground in Portland this month, but occasional cars with snow on them -- that's normal, they've driven in from the towns in the foothills which are close enough that the snow is still on them. DFW in on a flat plain that extends all the way up to the Arctic, so when the wind comes from the north, nothing gets in its way. I remember that really cold day right before I left was very windy. Places on the coast like Houston and Brownsville get the moderating effect of the Gulf.

Oregon's climate is pretty varied too, but nobody knows because hardly anyone lives in most of it.