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Mr. Elez Lushaj

This Part 7 of the "Defensive Driving Course" series will be to highlight and honour a local teen gentleman here in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex on his driving skill's in the thick of the unexpected ... Mr. Elez Lushaj.

First of all, a big CONGRATULATION'S to Elez ... riding the tiger for an hour and a half at 100/ 120/ 130mph, flipping 5x times or so and coming out okay ... you are da man! I know it must have been terrifying not expecting that ... but what a f'n rush !! eh guy? (been there and done that myself, without the flipping out though, by choice many a times ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I like the rush {: ) All in all, you done a damn good job!

I also wanted to dedicate two classic song's here that came to mind that I love to crank up when driving myself, and inspired the title of this posting to Elez ....

***** MAILONLINE: Caught on camera: Teen's terrifying drive at 100 mph for 90 MINUTES after his accelerator got stuck ... until he crashes spectacularly

Desperate Teen Drives Car With Gas Pedal Stuck at 120 MPH ... Thanx to THE NEWS THAT MATTERS 1


Ministry- Jesus Built My Hotrod (with Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers on vocal's) ... Thanx to WARNERBROSRECORDS
**** this also included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"

AC/ DC- Highway To Hell Live At Donington 1991 ... Thanx to VINCENT VEGA17
**** this also included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"







This Part 19 of "Taste Of Texas" will be another local posting, to highlight the new SkyScreamer ride to open this spring here in the Metroplex at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. This one looks like it will be alot of fun and of course I look forward to it as much as the grandkid's {: ) ... basically it's a 40 story (or twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty) swing ride and the tallest in the world, that take's you up spinning/ swinging, and bring's you down the same, but what an awesome view this would also be at night smack center of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex!

***** Six Flags Over Texas introduces the tallest SkyScreamer in the world!

Sky Screamer Six Flags Over Texas New Ride for 2013 ... Thanx to THEMEPARKREVIEWTPR


RUBY JANE Mind Your Own Business ... TEXAS MUSIC MUSEUM (live 2008 Austin) ... Thanx to OUTOFTHEPASTX **** I wanted to add this for this posting featuring here 13 year old (now 18, born in Dallas) Ruby doing some good ole down home classic Texas Swing, and being backed up by the "Knights of Texas Swing" crew ... Ruby is really an outstanding fiddle player and a songwriter! Also to be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"




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TOO BIG TO FAIL BA(N)KERY PT.1: More DOUGH Than The Pillsbury Doughboy ... EQUITY & AUSTERITY with Sequester Gesture's (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.13) (ELIZABETH WARREN PT.5) (NATION OF BS PT.10)

This posting to serve 3 series for this journal first of all ... but ... I havent kept up with the sequestration shit as much as I would have liked to, but sure as Hell wrote plenty about this game throughout this journal. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have a long enough layover at the ITC train station in downtown Fort Worth to catch some lunch and watch the President's speech he gave at the shipyard on CNN there ... and he said a mouthful that I applaud him as well ... because ... it's the truth! And Congress reverse's the gameplay's with their spinning twist's to blame everything on the President, they're figuring that pressuring and spotlighting the President ... he is bound to give in, and they of course havent a damn thing to lose, because they will make sure they have enough bullshit and lies to cover their asses for the 2014 mid- term's. One of these dayz ... the President may surprise them all, and not budge ... then what will they do? ... Well ... they'll whine like the entities that they support to not pay any taxes and bank their money offshore. These games are so frequent these dayz, that they became a quarterly event ... and frankly much of the American people are getting sick and tired of the bullshit.

The way we toss around billion's these dayz, the $85 billion or so in cut's doesnt make most people anymore flinch, and too big to fail has become too frail to prevail without our generosity in every respect. Just the $83 billion ALONE in mega bank subsidies that Sen. Warren below talk's about, is enough to cover the cut's they want to push on us. And dont think that these are different entities, they all feed together from the same pool (us), like a "gang" if you will ... whether it's the mega bank's, pharma/ medical, mortgages, etc, etc ... they all sleep together. The fact's here are that the only downsizing idea's and moves that these mega bank's are doing, is thousand's of layoff's in their system's, yet raking in record profit's and devouring more and more, yet at the same time with their affiliates, sitting in our government and suggesting why the people need to be cut more from entitlement's (that we pay for, not them), education, services, government representation, and everything else that we SOLELY pay for ... and on top of that ... how the tax increases need to go to us ONLY ... this is fact. As Senator Warren point's out below to Bernanke ... not a bloody thing has been being done ... period, to do a damn thing about downsizing, dissolving to some extent, etc, etc ... something I been pointing out as well since the start of this journal ... five year's later ... as I suspected back in 2008 ... it's like a carbon copy.

Basically these too big to fail entities once again are building equity/ value off us, while pushing our austerity (and the globe), then they have their political mouthpieces come in like Congress and toss these sequester gestures around like nightclub flyer's. The fact of the matter is, these SOB's got more goddamn $$dough$$ than the Pillsbury Doughboy, and are more full of shit than a sewage treatment plant ... yet ALWAYZ whining to "Help me -- Help me!" I really believe in helping those businesses that truly need help, but these folk's DONT need help ... really. Frankly I'm sick of giving them anymore generosity on a damn thing ... I actually stopped dealing with many of these entities several year's ago now ... and know damn well we can make better choices on how we do business and MOVE into the 21st century ... because just like the political system they infiltrated and contaminated ... they are just as dysfunctional ... without us ... they're nothing. Which is exactly why they're all milking us, cause they know they and their wayz are relic's of the past and will fail unless they control everything ... they cant do much of anything on their own and get it straight.

More below from Senator's Warren and Sanders ... who I really enjoyed posting these two on the same posting ... they got it clear as day with no bullshit to try to sift through ... Word Out ....

***** NOTE: Senator Warren's original video has been taken down off YouTube ... so I updated this posting on  03/ 14/ 2014 with a replacement video of her Q&A of Bernanke below ....

Elizabeth Warren Ben Bernanke Q&A. 7- 18- 2013 ... Thanx to MICHAEL SAVAGE SHOW UPDATES- MEDIA ALERT

Sanders on Sequestration ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

***** PD/ RCJ: "From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE" PART'S 12 THRU 1



Taxpayers subsidize big banks handing out $83 bln annually ... Thanx to RTAMERICA **** an added video here just posted by RT America, that I wanted to add because I think Mr. Randazzo here sum's it up simple to explain how this worx, so we dont just think that we "hand out" $83 billion cash every year, this explain's in simple term's what's happening. The fact again, is that these insurance guarantee's or whatever you want to call it/ them, only build's the institution larger, although it's meant to ONLY secure it for investor's ... BUT ... the point I want to make here is when these entities do get too much more larger, the fall can only be that much harder when they do fall ... this is what were missing to address. And history show's that it is inevitable that they will fail here and there at some point ... it's simply how these thing's work.




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TEXAS BUFFALO SOLDIERS/ KEN POLLARD: ... "Cowboy Colourz" ... The BLACK, The BOLD, and The BRAVE (Black History Month 2013 PT.2/ Harmon Loft Pt.7)- (Veterans Spotlight PT.32- "B") ... inspired by Curtis & Tabitha

"Texas Buffalo Soldiers" 10th Calvary photo ... El Paso, Texas 1916

Capt. Ken Pollard ... Chairman of the Texas Buffalo Soldiers Association

This posting for "Black History Month 2013 Pt.2"/ "For Harmon Loft Pt.7" will also be Part 32- B of the "Veteran's Spotlight" series, (PT.32- A HERE) ... as well as Part 18 of the "Taste of Texas" series ... to highlight and honour the Texas and United States "Buffalo Soldiers". This was also inspired for a Part 2 to 2013 Black History Month because of my neighbour's Curtis & Tabitha the other day when I was telling them about checking out the rodeo sometime at the Mesquite Rodeo Arena  ... I worked in Mesquite for nearly 7 year's in the printing industry as a pre- press specialist, and the rodeo was one of my main client's/ customer's ... I did all the pre- press layout's for advertisement, ticket's, flyer's, promotion's, etc to be printed for the rodeo event's. But Curtis kind of felt a lil out of touch with any environment like that, his wife Tabitha and him are African American who moved here from Chicago ... and they were a tad suprised and intrigued when I gave them a rundown on Black Cowboyz in Texas and a brief history of the Buffalo Soldiers. Both Curtis and his wife been to college even, yet hardly knew a thing about black cowboyz and/ or these soldier's at that. Curtis actually thought that maybe black history was a study of mine and I been to college even ... But no, unfortunately I never been to college or even high school for that matter, growing up in the street's basically ... but my education on this, is just like anything else ... just acquired through my interest on my own ... and I actually knew about this history before even the Chairman, Capt. Ken Pollard and many other Texan's ... it just isnt very talked about ... even the kid in the video below, sayz all they basically teach him in school about, is slavery and related. But yes ... I met and talked to quite a few black cowboys over the year's too. Enough from me ... more below ... Enjoy! {: )

Buffalo Soldiers: The Unknown Army- ... Thanx to TEXASPARKSWILDLIFE




***** PD/ RCJ: "ROSA PARKS: American Hero" ... Black History related posting

African- American- Cowboy (Part 1) ... Thanx to VLIOZNYANSKY **** just some video I wanted to add here





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Mr. Steven Brill  **** writer/ publisher

Part 4 of the "Health Care Reform: another "FORM" of "REFORM" series and Part 13 of the "Public Patriot's" series, will be to highlight an excellent piece of work recently covered in "TIME" from Steven Brill ... this is what is being ignored for the most part by so many in Washington ... but will need to be addressed some time. I also wanted to highlight Mr. Brill, because it's folk's like him that are also public patriot's in my view ... all these lil nitbit's of opinion, research, investigation's, protest's, reform etc, etc ... enlighten us all away from the usual bullshit we are fed and is an essential part of awakening to the current condition, that at least educate's us as well, and what is needed to make thing's work better across the board. The medical industry is another mega industry that has us all in debt, from our government to every familia and individual, and of course you know without me having to even say here, who bank's that industry as well by now and how thing's are legislated.

I myself dont have alot of medical expenses as so many ... but over a year back, I had some basic reconstructive type surgery done on a foot, from a prior injury, and it also bothered me when weather got cold or bad ... anywayz ... I have decent insurance ... so I had surgery done on the foot, where they basically went in and took out a piece of bone, replaced it with something or another, but all in all, it came out great, and it's like a new foot now (it took 2 seperate surgical procedures done about 2 weeks apart . But the surgery was very basic type, in other word's, I was asleep no more than 45 minute's or so, and ready to go (of course on crutches for a couple week's, antibiotic medicine to make sure there is no bone infection, etc) ... all in all ... when I looked at the bill and the charge's ... it blew me away ... of course insurance paid the most of it ( **** the insurance cost was more than half lower than the listed cost though, since the medical facility is on some kind of network with the insurance company, but the actual cost blew me away), it was some of the charges for miscellaneous thing's is what really blew me away ... more like robbery almost : ) ... nothing against my doctor who performed the surgery, he's a great guy, and done an excellent job ... the charges for all the other stuff, is what really got me.

But anywayz ... after the video below ... the "Time" piece is linked called "Bitter Pill" which is really a damn good read that I wanted to include in this series and journal. **** I also wanted to add another video from today with Steven on the Jon Stewart show following his TIME piece.

***** CNN: Why is health care so costly? (video)

***** TIME/ UT@ ARLINGTON: Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

Why medical bills are killing US ... Thanx to CURT FLEMING **** Jon Stewart interviews Steven Brill on The Daily Show concerning his new book


***** PD/ RCJ: HEALTH CARE REFORM: another "FORM" of "REFORM" PART'S 3, 2 & 1


***** PD/ RCJ: "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW .... various link's to past posting's looking at the current condition as far as the economic's, politic's, and crisis that our nation is in


***** POST NOTE: This post note may not seem connected to health care ... but it actually is 110%. One of the issue's that keep's us in fear of losing all these mega entities and business as well, is because too much has become too big to fail, how the chain reaction worx when those who have these monopoly system's fall and the impact on our stock's, employment, smaller local economies, etc. I have been covering these thing's since the start of this journal, because this seem's to be one of our biggest fear's. Understand that these entities feed on our fear's, also understand that ... sure, if these entities fail or even just slump ... folk's will lose job's and it will trickle down ... BUT ... to a degree only ... it will NOT be the end of anything or doom and gloom. Look at a town like Dallas- Fort Worth for instance ... this is a mega cradle in the US for some of the largest banking and corporate business ... however ... this town is also saturated MUCH MORE, with smaller companies/ corporation's that are responsible for supplying more, exporting more, manufacturing more, and especially employing more. The issue is too many of these biggest entities have too much control over them as well as far as the financial banking sector's and holding's. The trick is, getting away from this and them ... cutting them off, stop doing business with them, forcing them to downsize, break up or whatever, and most importantely, to get some of the money out of the one sector and in circulation, there is too much being controlled by too little these dayz ... and frankly, the more we support these and it ... it will continue to grow and devour us, our government, which is the truely only voice of us, and our lives ... because they make it so we have nowheres else to go to but them ... which amount's to basically an unofficial monopoly ... I say "unofficial", because our current political representation collectively or the Supreme Court's wont make the truth "official" in statement or act, but frankly that's all in Hell they are.

Sure when you crack down too much on them or stop feeding them it will have an impact and folk's will get laid off, etc, etc ... But ... you cannot come this far in this fucked up type system and expect for it to be easy, we will HAVE to take hit's ... we should look at it only as a temporary sacrifice, and a restructuring of something better and greater ... but you must suffer to a degree and give something ... the bottom line ... or let's say objective, is to STOP what is happening from growing bigger. Even everyone in Washington know's this ... they have talked about it for year's, and even their hand's get tied because of this corrupt table game ... it must be stopped, and those strong politician's who speak out are the one's who can do this with our support ... and frankly, it WILL in time ... I would just like to get it on the road now is all, and million's of other's. You remember when the 2008 bail- out and financial crisis talk was going down, and everyone on both the left and the right even, complained that we needed to do something about too big to fail ... yet ... they let themselves get dragged deeper and deeper into it through neglect, political bitch fight's, etc. Not much of anything has been done so far strictly out of senseless fear. Fear is healthy ... but only to a degree, this downright political correctness and all the other paranoia shit has gotten to be insanity only. If you had a small business and your partner(s) were cooking the book's and shaving the profit's or similar ... you would naturally walk and/ or find new partner's ... not keep feeding it and forgiving them ... it doesnt make good sense to.

The future benefit of this temporary sacrifice, is building our economy and safeguarding it better so that this doesnt repeat itself, just like past societies have changed and walked away from entities who have lost control and played themselves out. Building new market's, new idea's to protect our eco and financial enviroment's, building for our future generation's so that they can feed their new idea's and grow without fear of feeling they need to sell out just to keep their head above water, and especially creating more competition and broadening the global market's, making them stronger, more flexible, more innovative.





Thursday, February 21, 2013

COREY WEBB: Court Recess TEXAS TEA Break ... from a Texas Teen and Texas PEE ... DONT BE ALARMED PT.9 ... You're in East Texas {: 0

Mr. Corey Webb

Just was browsing a lil breakfast humour on YouTube on this cold dark and rainy miserable Dallas morning, and stumbled on this which made me laugh, since Tyler alwayz has local Dallas joke's cracked on it for being such a country type town with just alot of country type folk's with distinctive East Texas drawl's {: ) Tyler is a small city of only about 100,000 population about and hour and a half southeast of Dallas. Mr. Corey Webb, a teenager who was on trial for actually shooting a detention officer during a juvenile facility escape attempt, which is a serious enough offense ... when the judge told the court to recess/ break ... he just plain ole took it as a Pee/ Tea break as well, to relieve himself. Oh Well ... needless to say, the judge didnt know how he was raised he said ... but ... this after all is just an ole country type town and folk's that are you can say ... very grassroot's and down to earth. So if your ever in one of these lil ole East Texas town's and witness something like this ... dont be alarmed ... your in East Texas {: )

***** HOUSTON PRESS/ BLOGS: Corey Webb: Pees in Courtroom During Trial Break (newsread)

Teen Takes A Pee In Court Room While On Trial ... Thanx to VIRALVELOCITY




Tyler Texas

Related image




Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Ms. Jodi Arias

I have been following this trial in detail like million's of other's, and the courtroom show is just an entire freakshow of sort, so this posting will be more in defense and support of the defendant here, Ms. Arias. And not to say that she is an innocent abused battered woman or such, but just because this whole trial smell's lousy and in my opinion has mistrial written all over it. We are also smack- dab in the middle of it as I write this, and I will not post any of the video's of this courtroom freakshow either, to me, so much of it is uncalled for and in my opinion some should be inadmissible. It doenst even do justice to the prosecution making this, if he's trying to paint a picture of the defendant and lifestyle, character, etc. Thing's like this lengthy sex tape of her and her boyfriend does nothing in this case, even for her defense, but just entertain those in court that get off listening to this crap, who probably have no sex life themselves beside's this kind of thing, and nauseate's those other's who probably choose not to listen to it, but got stuck with having to. There is nothing to these tape's that is even remotely pertaining to the offense, just these two having sex chat, mutually and consentually masturbating and there is nothing too aggressive about this lady, and her boyfriend is also dictating to her as well ... but just simple exchange, that has nothing to do with a sour relationship, anger, or anything foul or illegal ... simple sext message's that many young love- bird's engage in or what have you. She has went along with this without complaint even though it has been shameful to her, but she shouldnt have any shame, because there is nothing there to be ashamed of dear. Typical chat and sex stuff that so many do, and many of us have been there at some time or another ... kinky? ... everyone has kink's of some sort, some more than other's.

The court of public opinion in this case has been mostly negative, and has already tried and convicted her ... yet, there isnt nothing very clear about what in Hell happened here ... she has been labeled as every foul label that could be given to a woman, even called a witch, seductress, murderess, demonic, bombshell, whore/ slut, etc ... one woman friend of the victim, describing her when she met her as having the most empty, darkest, and deep scary eyes that she ever seen in a person and couldnt wait to just get away from her ... what kind of horror fiction nonsense is that? The way she dresses or poses in photo's? a nymphomaniac? The victim is being painted as a young man that is a virgin, goes to the tabernacle, wear's sacred underwear to bed, and everything related ... it is clear in the tape's though that he was as much into their affair and roleplayz as she, yet she is supposedly the over aggressive one, even as far as her ex- boyfriend may say or other's. My question is ... why do these gent's choose to date gal's if they scare them and are too aggressive? especially for such in depth long relationship's ... then they claim they are under some kind of spell ... this is silly Willie Foo- Foo talk. The fact is, that we choose these relationship's with women that are sexually liberated or whatever and even aggressive, and usually do, because that is what we like at the time, so let's cut all the "Innocent Ike" bullshit. It take's 2 to tango, eh? I mean ... if these women are not your taste, or too aggressive or whatever, go find a fucken nun or something ... stop seeing them.

Her being so cooperative and taking the stand is a plus in the respect that many on a capital case like this dont get to, yet at the same time it can be a negative, since the prosecution will drag this out with your history of lying which you already admitted to, and try to get you to trip up in testimony ... I mean ... they were anticipating on dragging this until April initially. It was bloody?, gruesome?, etc? ... indeed it was ... but it's still not clearly evident what happened. She admit's of course to her first lies and twist's on it back during interrogation's in the start ... but the police also twisted their testimonies and report's as well ... this entire case had twist's and turn's. How could it be self defense? ... maybe something just happened in a moment, anger's flared, she retaliated, etc. I dont know ... but ... if she did try to kill in defense, of course she would and could do alot of damage in less than a minute, and once you start, and if he's a big boy, you dont want to stop, because if he isnt dead for sure ... he will most likely kill you, plain and simple. Why would she run and try to cover it up? ... What if she was just scared and not know what to do? which also make's it NOT very premeditated either if so. I mean ... unless you have been in a situation like that ... it is hard to say what would be the usual way or correct way to act ... it is easy for us after the fact looking at it to assume ... but in the heat of the moment in the middle of it, you wont be thinking the same way.

There are though element's in this trial that if I was Ms. Arias defense, I would be looking at the irregularities and have some thing's to question as far as what's admissible, and frankly I dont even like her defenses approach and the chance's they are taking in this, that is also why when I deal with my attorney(z) in past to date ... I try to have as much input in suggesting how I WANT to approach it, and I am very outspoken and frank with them, I mean ... I'm the client/ customer, eh? I understand what the defense is trying to do as far as strategy here, however, I feel they are pressing it a lil too much, because on the cross, there is too much that she will have to detail and match word for word ... and the prosecution is ruthless here, even intimidating HIS OWN witnesses, such as showing graphic postmortem photo's of their loved one (victim) while on the stand ... geeezzz! The defense want's to get a personal one on one going with the juror's to view her in a more personal way, and the arguement's and so forth of the past, but I would have my limit's on that as a defense, it's getting too complicated, that even without her lying, she could trip up too easy under the prosecution and almost sound as if she is, is what I am saying ... the detailing of some of this is getting too complex is all to keep straight, you dont have to lie to trip up like that. Also understand that what is unique in Arizona court's, is that the juror's are allowed to even question the accused (Jodi) on the stand as well individually, with their own personal question's, this is why it can be walking a thin line in my opinion, to some degree of chance. I mean, you can get crossed from various individual's beside's the prosecution, and lose focus with suprise question's.

If they "found" you guilty Jodi and gave a capital sentence such as death ... I would appeal it, not because the law require's to (at least in Texas they do, and it may be federal at that to do so), but just the kangaroo style this case is being conducted as ... and you have been very cooperative dear and tolerant ... some of it is a mockery to the justice system in my opinion and courtroom travesty, that has turned into a sexual freakshow of sort. The prosecution seem's more fixed on getting a death penalty verdict than anything else, and hopefully this will backfire, because of his tactic's. Why would I say this? ... because I dont feel that this case should be a capital one premeditated murder ... perhap's a 2nd degree at most or even in the manslaughter category, I dont feel it justifies not only a death penalty verdict, but neither a life in prison verdict either ... there are too many loose end's in this, that I feel will never be clear either. And no ... I dont see nothing too aggressive in her, crazy, or abnormal, or think she look's scary at all, or see her as oversexed in none of what folk's are judging this from, nor should her religion's get tossed into this or the religious/ spiritual practice's of other's she dated ... it hasnt a thing to do with her and the victim's relationship or the case. I could bring up alot more inconsistencies I seen in these hearing's too, but I'll just leave this here for now.

Enough from me on this Part Two ....






Tuesday, February 19, 2013

ASTEROID VOID ... A "Buzz Cut" for a "Wake Up" to NOT AVOID ... Explained in Simple Term's by Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (ABOVE & BELOW PT.14)


Part 14 of the "Above & Below" series will be kind of a follow up on the last Part 13 piece on the wakening that occurred last week over Chelyabinsk, Russia, and just imagine, that was a small one and never made impact at that! ... and because time and again I have pointed out how fortunate we truely are to be evolving as a species this late after the major storm that took place several billion year's ago ... and I truely mean that, looking at the nature of nature ... so we need to cherish that ... and explore the opportunities we have to sustain the evolution of our species, life, and the planet.

I had no bloody idea that there isnt any established direct funding of this, as far as a "defense system" project is concerned, until Mr. Tyson brought this up ... a void that definitely need's to get filled ... and I'm not talking about waiting till the last minute, when all the money will scramble and crawl over each other just to save their empire's when and if a real threat arrive's, which as I have said before ... is bound to happen ... and most scientist's and astrophysicist's would agree on that.

In my opinion, scientist's are a most vital asset to our longevity, existence, and the real elite of humanity ... TRUE "God's" if you will ... meaning what they say should be as solid as gospel, theory or not ... we owe them our asses literally! Yet we are so absorbed with this phoney idea of elitism and power that doesnt do jack shit for us, any more than the Pope himself can do a damn thing for us or anything else of importance, or some politician's ... I'll be polite here and not mention specific name's in political leadership that we seem to adore. Astrophysicist Neil Tyson here as usual sum's all this up in simple term's where the average Joe/ Jane without too much science study background can understand ... Neil probably is most well known for his PBS tele show series NOVA ScienceNow ... more from him below.

Asteroid Careens by as Meteor Delivers 'Buzz Cut' to Earth ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR





Monday, February 18, 2013


Sgt. Kimberly Munley

Part 31 of the "Veteran's Spotlight" series will focus on the military base victim's and one civilian police officer, Kimberly Munley who actually was one credited for taking down Maj. Nidal Hasan during his jihad attack at the Fort Hood, Texas military base on soldier's who were about to deploy to Afghanistan. And it's now been over 3 year's since this attack and nearly 2 year's now since I wrote the piece on the runaround that this was getting as far as bringing just Hasan to trial ... and still ... the game's continue ... I just dont understand this. But even more nauseating ... is the runaround these veteran's as well as the hero Kimberly Munley, with how they are being taken care of. I can understand that the prosecution does not want to make any mistake's that may jeopardize a mistrial decision or whatever ... but it's been 3 bloody damn year's since this massacre taken place, and they still havent got much of anywhere on this ... this ... I dont understand, as far as the delayz and horseplay. And you can bet your ass, if there was some kind of mistrial or release of this piece of shit ... he would have a target on his back day one anywayz ... and someone in the private sector would take his ass out!

And frankly, I side with the victim's here as well ... this should be labeled as a terror attack ... the shooter was carrying out a jihad duty, made it clear while doing so verbally, and still does at that even, yet no one conducting this investigation and prosecution can properly define any of this it seem's ... like what the fuck are ya'll getting a paycheck for, eh? This trial should also have testimonies of ALL of the victim's that survived as well, since ya'll are for such "detail", eh? It taken over a year of fiddle faddle bullshit just to evaluate this piece of shit (Hasan) to see if he was competent to stand trial even ... WTF is that!!? He (Hasan) certainly had no difficulty taking order's from Allah as he claim's ... which again he verbally proclaimed during the attack to all victim's ... or doing his deed's ... what is it with us? Jihadist's have no problemo at doing their job efficiently ... what is it with us?

The political and religious ass- sucking in America is also beyond imagination and fiction ... if this was a Christian who done this ... the one who committed this offense would probably be executed in a timely manner and it over with, and you can bet your ass, if it was tried in it's home state here, Texas ... it would have been in court ALREADY! ... what make's Muslim's so special to where we feel this need to suck ass relentlessly? I mean ... I dont think I know of another country in the world that claim's to be liberated ... that have such a saturation of politically flaming fucken pussies/ coward's as this one. Even though ABC News broke this story briefly, and as you can see below, FOX News had no problemo taking advantage of it and covered it well at that ... of course because they are more focused to be anti- Obama. But this shouldnt even get political at that, on a serious issue like this ... I draw the political line on certain thing's ... and this is one of those thing's! And I already said that Maj. Hasan is entitled to a fair trial ... my question is now ... when the fuck is he going to get to it? ... and when will the "victim's" of this get the justice they deserve?

Newsread and video below ... enough from me on this for now ....

***** HUFFPOST/ POLITICS: Kimberly Munley: Obama 'Betrayed' Her, Other Fort Hood Victims **** newsread/ video

***** CNN/ JUSTICE: 'Tough woman' cop hailed Fort Hood hero **** 2009 newsread/ video







Sunday, February 17, 2013

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN/ The "Clean Up Woman": In her 1st Banking Committee Hearing ... AMAZING Blazing GRACE & In Your FACE (ELIZABETH WARREN PT.4)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA)

Part 4 here of the "Elizabeth Warren" series will simply be to highlight a clip/ news from the Senator's first Banking Committee Hearing ... and ... of course as I expected no less from her ... she came straight to the point with no bullshit day one ... while I hear that Congress took off again the other day for another couple week's of R&R to cook up some new bullshit I reckon, play a few game's of golf or whatever ... the Senator is hard at work, yet making it look so easy ... why? ... because it is ... that's what made me think of the song "Clean Up Woman". I mean ... hardly anyone ask's those simple yet "importante" question's, unless their campaigning and it's directed at their opponent only. It is folk's like Sen. Warren, Rep. Grayson, and Sen. Sanders to name a few, that has made me such a strong left supporter after year's of voting straight Republican ... she and they have what so many seem to have lost ... some integrity! Thank You Senator!

Elizabeth Warren EMBARRASSES Bank Regulators At First Banking Committee Hearing ... Thanx to LES GROSSMAN

***** MSNBC: Watch out Wall Street: Warren comes out blazing in first hearing (newsread)




Betty Wright- Clean Up Woman- live in London 2013 ... Thanx to DOMINICMCLEMAN **** I wanted to also dedicate this song to Sen. Warren which partly inspired this posting title, from Betty herself "live" the other day (02/ 15/ 13) at Islington Assembly Hall doing her 1971 classic!




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COCA- COLA Does NOT KILL ... Our CONVICTION to ADDICTION Does KILL ... "Breaking the Chain's that MAIM" (WHOLE GRAIN'S/ FOOD'S & HALF TRUTH'S PT.6) ... For Charles

Part 6 of "Whole Grain's/ Food's & Half Truth's" will look at a recent case, where a pathologist partly linked the death of a woman to her consumption of Coca- Cola. I dont see anything hard about soft drink manufacturer's putting warning label's on anything either ... I mean ... we got warning label's on alot of shit, it doesnt seem to work too well though ... you would figure many major manufacturer's would be first in line to suggest putting warning label's on their own product's ... it kind of secure's their stand if anything, if facing litigation or whatever, eh? This posting also inspired locally by a fella named Charles, that I will talk about after the news link's and video's below ....

Coca Cola Kills- Coca Cola Tue ... Thanx to WKETDZ

***** CBS NEWS: Drinking gallons of Coca- Cola daily cited in 30- year old New Zealand mom's death

***** NY DAILY NEWS: New Zealand rejects health warnings on soda labels after woman dies from possible Coca- Cola overdose




First of all ... this woman was drinking over a couple gallon's of Coke a day, which is way out of control, but not just for Coca- Cola product's ... but any soft drink product ... this is insane ... but it is also a reality that we see too much of today. Mayor Bloomberg of New York City as well recently put a ban limit on the quantity/ size you can buy of a soft drink, I'm sure the man thought he was doing some good ... but will that work? I mean ... if you love the drink ... wont you do what you need to get and consume it in the quantities that you prefer? It wouldnt work for a fella like me for instance ... when I slammed soft drinx daily a couple year's back ... they were bottled in 20 ounce bottle's ... I consumed at least 3 of those bottle's per day ... cause that's what it took to satisfy my need, period ... the fact that the bottle's were only sold in 20 ounce size's didnt mean squat ... in fact, it was better to consume 3- 20 ounce bottle's to me throughout the day, than to just buy 50+ ounce's at once in some cup and carry it around, eh? In Dallas for instance, I see many folk's in the morning before work lining up at the soda fountain's at place's like Quick- Trip (mega gas station chain) to get their morning fountain drinx ... where they have a fixed rate as well, so you can bring your own cup/ container to fill ... some folk's bring in cup's, like many of the construction worker's and contractor's, that damn near look like a half gallon in size. Other worker's slam down on "energy drinx" like "Monster" or whatever. This is common for folk's to make it through their day ... and with the whip that's cracked these dayz on worker's ... it make's that conviction to their addiction's grow ... coffee ... the same bloody thing. Coca- Cola or Dr. Pepper was my thing, never cared much about coffee or tea (could take it or leave it basically) ... and never wanted to even touch them energy drinx or those 5 or 6 hour energy doses that sell like dope on the street. Many people do this to make it through their day and to perform at their best to please the bossman or whatever ... when in actuality you are just destroying and maiming yourself ... THIS IS the "chain" that you need to break, okay? Supply alwayz meet's demand ... the mindset of consumption of the individual need's to change. People sit at these computer screen's for hour's these dayz, drinking thing's like this in large consumption even ... so caught up in the computer, that they dont even realize what they are consuming ... and it become's simply "habit".

I know a fella named Charles who recently came to me and asked me how I managed to lose weight, but he was more interested in how I was able to keep it off for any length ... thinking I had some special remedy or system like a South Beach diet or some shit ... I told him ... "naw man ... but you can call it the North Ranch diet though dude" {: ) ... he laughed ... but I told him ... I just changed what I consume is all ... and after so much time, like a year or so ... like any dope or anything else ... you lose the desire or taste simply, to where you dont want it anymore, the longer you avoid it is all. Charles is mid 30's and work's for the V.A. working for helping veteran's getting help, benefit's due and such ... he is also a veteran of the Iraq war where he served as a US Marine (one tour only, after he was injured) and was a radio dispatcher there, he was just diagnosed with diabetes recently and gained over 50 pound's since he been back from Iraq, he's tried to diet time and again, but kept gaining back the weight that he lost. So I told Charles ... first of all dude ... let's look at what you consume during the day ... which included ... yep ... massive quantities of soft drink's while he is sitting on his ass all day in front of the computer screen at work (he dont smoke either, or ever did) ... as far as eating? ... the usual lunches that you gather up in your hour break at the local neighbouring fast food or buffet joint's ... telling him as well ... that all that is stuffed with sodium too ... and the drinx dude, have more goddamn sugar than a bloody sugar cane! He even tried joining a health spa and the after hour's work- out deal, thinking it would help ... it didnt though ... then telling Charles the story about my daughter and the "cupcake girl's"  and what bloody good that does. Charles biggest challenge is his craven for these soft drinx though ... he told me it's what get's him going in the morning and throughout the day, and his need for that "fix", which is the problemo with million's ... needing just one fix more to make it. Like I told Charles ... the addiction is to these sugary thing's ... and these cheap sweetener's ... high fructose corn syrup or whatever the fuck these thing's are that are cheap, addictive, destructive, etc, that are peddled off on the masses of consumer's. And once you stop them ... you will lose that craven after month's actually. Diet and exercise are importante too ... but you cant do everything at once or you'll drive yourself nut's and worry that every damn thing is killing you and other paranoia shit ... just keep some balance is all, beside's ... nothing hardly is too bad in moderation, as my dad alwayz told me as a kid.

You see ... while we only look at our addiction's as far as maybe alcohol, drug's, smoking, or whatever ... we have so many other addiction's that we may not see off hand so easy, and it slip's us is all. The food's and product's we consume and love is an enemy to a degree ... I mean ... we saturate ourselves with sodium, sugar's, processed shit, caffeine, fat's, etc ... the list goes on ... what become's habit and lead's to addiction's. No company want's their product to kill people ... their in business to make fucken money ... they are supplying what we demand ... and when our demand change's, so will they "change" as well. Charles asked what I do to please my sweet tooth for instance? ... well ... instead of that candy bar or sweetroll or whatever ... I eat an apple, orange, banana, berries, etc ... I mean ... they taste great as well. As far as drinx ... well ... I dont even like the after taste much of some of that diet shit to begin with ... and I also hear that diet drinx are not as great for you as you may think ... I drink alot of water though, and once in awhile some of the naturally flavoured water's. And I still have an occasional beer (and no, I dont like goddamn light beer either ... nor thinking that 20/ 30 calories less mean a damn thing, when I only drink a couple at the most, give me the full flavour) a gin and tonic, shot of brandy or whatever ... so it aint like I carry around chart's with me and calculate my calories or other shit ... I just avoid certain thing's and eat and drink moderately is all, get some moderate excercise, etc, etc ... simple shit ... and frankly feel fine, not feeling like I'm depriving myself of a damn thing. But also make sure you see your doctor at least every year, if you dont have one, find one or whatever you can do to see one (I see mine every 6 month's) and get the full deal of bloodwork, xray's, etc ... excercise at my age (57) is also very importante, because as my doctor told me ... at my age, you start losing muscle mass, so he recommend's even moderate and basic weight lifting ... sexual activity is also healthy and such cardio-wise, lot's of walking, etc ... just simple shit. And everyone is different too, so it's importante as to what worx for YOU ... the trick is ... "letting go" of old acquaintance's, once you LET GO of certain thing's, you will not crave what you may have before. And Charles is working on that right now as I write this ... so this posting is for you brother!

Ministry- Just One Fix ... Thanx to THEINCREDIBLETROY **** one of my favourite Ministry song's here, but so much truth here in Al's song, it's straight from the heart, wrote in a self therapeutic sort of way as he battled his own addiction's at the time .... this video will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"




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CHELYABINSK 2013: The Universal POWER of a Meteor SHOWER ... (ABOVE & BELOW PT.13)

One of the thing's that I have mentioned time and again ... is how fortunate of a time of our existence as a species ... being that the universe is relatively calm now, considering the history/ evidence we have found over the last several billion year's it must have went through during it's evolution ... meaning, at another point earlier, if we would have evolved sooner, we probably would have been a much shorter lived species/ life form ... being so lucky that we just didnt get wiped out basically ... because in such a mass universe constructed out of chaos, what seem's horrible to us, evil and destructive ... is just simply the nature of nature in action. Some news and video below of the recent show or power and shower over Chenyabinsk.

***** CNN: Russian meteor causes blast; hundreds injured **** newsread/ video

***** THEGUARDIAN: Hundreds injured as meteorite explodes over Russian city **** newsread/ video







JODI ARIAS MURDER TRIAL(PT.1): When "Fun & Fantasy" lead's to "Nightmare & Tragedy" ... "Sweet Dreams" & The DEATH GAME ....

Ms. Jodi Arias

***** ABC NEWS: "The Jodi Arias Murder Trial" **** there was much to link to of course in this widely publicized case, but I wanted to go with a straight up news source and one only here, at least while this trial is in session ... and this is sort of an event's timeline link up that ABC News been doing.

I wanted to post at least something on this, because I sware, that this case has been brought up to me probably more than any other in recent year's, a couple folk's also asked me if I was going to cover this ... and I AM ... however .... again .... understand that this trial is in session, and this case is a very open case as far as opinion's, understanding, interpretation's, etc, etc. And I WILL NOT in a case as delicate and open as this ... post incriminating photo's, and/ or related type opinion's from various news source's etc ... or too much speculation on an issue like this especially ... this case has been saturated with negative opinion's because of the nature of the offense. This is a hot and mouth- watering topic that million's love to hear and talk about (male as well as female both, even though many are shy to even openly), and I have been asked of more about this by women than guy's actually in small chat, and the only reason I get asked about thing's like this, because folk's that know me, know I am sort of sexually liberated and open when it come's to issue's of sexuality ... I have alwayz been like that, and frankly had the opportunity throughout life to meet many folk's who were very open and liberated sexually as well, and I had a fairly full sex life over the year's ... and felt comfortable talking about these issue's with me, opening up etc, etc.

I also want to state here that there isnt a damn thing wrong or illegal with fantasy role play, sexting, online or phone sex chat, etc, etc and NO MATTER what that "talk" is about, as long as it's consentual with all parties, it doesnt matter. And most of this is actually sexually and psychologically healthy, even with married couple's, swinger's, gay/ straight/ bi, etc ... sexuality play's also an importante role in our lives, whether most of us admit to it or not, some folk's are just a lil uptight talking about these thing's openly, which is understandable in a sexually repressed "tease and tempt, but DONT taste" society especially like our's here in America. It is the suppression of sexuality and societal/ social pressure's that is more dangerous than anything. On the other hand, some folk's dont even get enough time in our hectic society to spend indulging and enjoying sex, as well as getting enough down time, or vacation time, because we are too busy with so many other thing's and challenge's in our lives and career's, so it is importante to explore sex and leisure as much as possible, people need their "recreation" ... it's healthy for balance as well psychologically ... some as well care less about it than other's ... some get too strung up on it to where it become's an addiction or such even. In a way ... America is really sexually fucked up and backward's across the board ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) I mean like ... sexual fantasy and such are common as apple pie and baseball, yet swept under the rug for some reason or another ... even the most puritan and psychologically balanced folk's are fantasizing, to the most perverse type's, and most sex is "role play" period ... plain and simple ... and most of those who act like they dont get into it, are mostly full of shit, okay? ... or have no understanding. Even element's of the most basic sexual act's consist of dominance and submission during the act as example.

At the same time, it is rare that any such activity result's in death or a horrible situation like this case even. My opinion hasnt a thing to do with the abuse factor that so many are playing this case as, or if a murder is justified or such in a case like this ... the fact is, that you had a couple, that equally engaged in alot of fantasy play, and something went wrong somewhere's, plain and simple. Even some folk's have less control than other's, and each case is as different as a person's individual personality and/ or fingerprint. But NO, regardless of how gruesome this look's ... I DO NOT think that this case justifies the "death penalty" AT ALL ... even if Ms. Arias just all of the sudden admitted to this and made a complete turn- around ... and no ... I also dont buy that she was strictly an abused woman, or this case is simply a case of self- defense, post domestic violence strictly ... I think it is a tad more complicated than simply that ... or other related pop culture talk. I seen and personally known women who were victim's of domestic violence, and it IS something that there is a Hell of alot of too let me add, but this case has it's own unique element's, is why I say this ... and domestic violence dont have a bloody thing to do with sexual role play, rest assured. But Yes, you can also find some "abuse" factor's here if you look, but you can also find how and what feed's what ... so it simply isnt typical abuse for example to where a man let's say ... has a habit of beating the shit out of the girl or similar ... and understand as well, that women are also abusive and violent too, it's just more likely for men to be aggressive in these area's. I also believe that this couple were a very happy couple and really loved each other at a time, in particular, because they had the element's to have such a great and fulfilling sexual relationship, and found each other to be able to do so. Also understand that the submissive is many time's in more control during a session than the dominant one, as twisted as that may sound, but the dom is alwayz trying to please the sub as well, is what I am trying to say. It is clear that both of these lover's have played both role's too ... which I wont elaborate on here though.

First place you have to understand that there are relationship's that are let's say ... sexually cutting edge ... and also understand as well, that many like this, NEVER intend the fantasies they indulge in to go to a tragic length, despite any sexual chat and role play ... no one want's to end up on trial for some shit like this, period. And you never are guaranteed on how much your partner(s) can handle? ... what may make them snap?, what's their limit's?, tolerance level's?, etc, etc ... this all take's time and getting to know your partner(s) ... some of this can get confusing ... and I have covered some of this for example here in the Susan Wright case down in Houston year's back. But whenever your indulging in game's like this also ... you can be playing a game with death as well, and/ or severe injuries physically and/ or psychologically ... this you must understand.

But I will and do plan on doing another part to this case, but just wanted to get some of the smoke clear before doing such, let this trial take it's course ... and Ms. Arias sure as Hell deserve's a "fair" trial in a case this complex, because so much still has not come out in this, rest assured.

Word Out for now ....

**** Below a couple other series of this journal related to those incarcerated and issue's concerning sexuality



Marilyn Manson- Sweet Dreams (are made of this) (alt version) ... Thanx to MARILYNMANSONVEVO **** I wanted to add this Annie Lennox/ Eurythmics classic here, so well covered by Marilyn Manson and crew  ... this also included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"




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CIVET: "The End", "Cherie", "Gin and Tonic", "You Got It (live)"


This induction into the RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society is about time, and goes to one of the finest and under- rated punk crew's I heard coming out of the LA area ... Civet! ... I first posted a piece of their's called "Son Of A Bitch" back a couple posting's ago, dedicating the song to Ms. Penelope Soto. And being a sort of music connoisseur myself ... I point that out, because I am fairly picky, critical, and selective, when it come's to my art's! This crew has changed up a tad in recent year's from their original line- up as far as percussion and bass primarily, all just part of their evolutionary cycle, but also has that original core of their sound that was constructed by Liza Graves and Suzi Homewrecker, who still remain. It's been noted by member's time and again that the 1970's crew "The Runaways" were a major influence ... which was Joan Jett's original homecrew too, before she went solo. This is just one of those simple, down to earth, basic rock type group's that fit well into those more intimate setting's at smaller venue's, and will give you a really good evening of in your face punk rock as raw as you can get "sound" ... so they havent focused much on stage show's, prop's, theatric's, etc, etc ... and this is what true punk is all about too. Fan's of such sound's may also enjoy some neighbour's of their's ... The Distillers for instance (and I absolutely love Brody Dalle!), who were really a top notch crew. I like also in particular some of the break's in the rhythm pattern's of Civet, and the way some of the guitar lead part's are tossed into such, with that overall harmonizing vocal's of the crew, smoothing and enhancing that hard raw vocal output of Liza Graves ... it just is blended so well.

I have went over so many piece's of their's, yet wanted to also post my personal favourite's, trying to find the best of the best to include here, which wasnt easy as far as deciding here ... but focusing on the stuff that also been around for a tad, and wanted to include last a "live" piece of "You Got It", that has to be at least 5 year's back (?) or so ... being that "You Got It" was released on the "Hell Hath No Fury" cd/ album september 2008 (and was their first album release on the Hellcat label too) at a lil ole venue called "Slidebar Cafe" down in Orange County, to display some of the more intimate setting of the show. Other than that ... wishing this crew the best to come in their art and lives ... Enjoy!





Civet- The End ... Thanx to MISSY BIZARRE

Civet- Cherie ... Thanx to CRAZEDPEELING

Gin and Tonic- Civet ... Thanx to DARENERICK

Civet- You Got It (Live) ... Thanx to BEHINDOUTRAGEDY




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CHRIS KYLE/ AMERICAN SNIPER: The Heroes HERO ... Honouring The BEST of the BEST as he's Laid to Rest ... The MOURNING After (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.30)


Image result for chris kyle memorial service cowboys stadium

Locally around town (Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex) ... Chris was just known as Chris or Dad ... his mission it seemed was to help folk's basically ... whether it was instructing local law enforcement on techniques, safety, being a good dad and husband, helping a neighbour ... and especially his dedication to helping so many veteran's that came home, whether it be physical or psychological therapy, simply finding a job and/ or helping with that transition from military life to private sector life and trying to re- adjust, etc, etc.

This is something that I wouldnt think Chris had even remotely thought when helping a fellow vet who served, and Chris took under his wing to help when he came back home at the request of the mother of the veteran, asking Chris to please help her son, but to even think that the veteran he was helping with PTSD, would be the one to kill him and his friend Chad Littlefield. I mean ... this guy had to live day by day in the trenches with a bounty on his head ... being known and nicknamed the "Devil of Ramadi" by insurgent's ... probably the most sought after and targeted Navy SEAL marksman sniper in recent year's. He was an expert marksman, with a confirmed target termination of 160, one case for instance ... hitting his target at a whopping 2100 yard's ... THAT is some marksmanship! Although Chris just credit's it to luck, and consider's Carlos Hathcock (Viet Nam era) as the best of the best when it come's to this field. No doubt though in anyone's mind ... Chris fell into the best of the best category and in so many wayz ... which probably the least, would not have been for only marksmanship ... but just being what he was to so many in his division/ circle, familia, neighbour's, veteran's and ALL that he done so much for.

Some newsread and video below ... but I wanted to open it with a statement yesterday from his wife Taya at the Cowboys Stadium service for him ... because I think that this would have meant so much to Chris ... and Thank You for your service Sir!

Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle's Wife Gives Emotional Speech at Funeral _ Navy SEAL Sniper Chris RIP ... Thanx to Gurpreet Saini

***** NY DAILY NEWS/ ASSOCIATED PRESS: Nearly 7,000 people attend memorial service for ex- Navy SEAL Chris Kyle at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas

***** STAR-TELEGRAM/ ARLINGTON: Cowboys Stadium becomes place of mourning for former Navy SEAL

Sniper Chris Kyle Interview- CONAN on TBS ... Thanx to TEAMCOCO




Image result for chris kyle ranch chimp journal